Decisions made by Children’s inquisitive nature, and effects thereof:
By Dan Martinez, Chairman Emeritus San Antonio Crime Coalition

The development of a child’s mind based on “Parental Behavior” and the environment is a major factor in the adaptation for a child’s function.

Children learn from their inquisitive behavior of what is right and what is wrong. In most cases for a child when he or she does something right they are not fully acknowledge for it. However, when a child does something wrong they are disciplined in many different ways; paddled, isolated in their rooms, or various privileges taken away. Parents continue to criticize that child long after their wrongful deed. Even grandparents tend to continue to remind a child’s behavior long afterwards as well.

In the mind of a child that wrongful deed or deeds will carry them as they grow and develop. As a child’s inquisitive nature continues to make mistakes in their decisions they make; they harbor their wrongful deeds inwards and hide them away deep into their minds. Therefore, a child will become resentful and perhaps develop an attitude toward his parents and those that surround the child. They do not forget how they were punished!

It is very difficult to change a child’s behavior based on how deep those punitive measures a child has experienced. It is inconceivable what the long term effect might be as a child reaches the age of puberty and beyond.

Once a child has becomes of school age and begins to associate with other kids, who too have grown-up lacking the favor of their parents or siblings now begin to be classified as delinquents!

What other effects can result from the deep seeded resentments and attitudes that come from this type of a child’s development? Can it become destructive? Can it become a self-destructive Cancer eating away inside the body with each year that passes?

For me, it is important that we encourage our children in every-way possible, to compliment on their accomplishments, and to show them that we care. And when they make a mistake, advising them to erase the mistake by writing it down and releasing it from their mind and body. Tossing the mistake or wrongful decision into the trash can, and starting over!

Once a person acknowledges his or her mistake whatever it might be, that person can move on and learn from mistakes, or wrongful choices they have made. Can children correct their mistakes of course they can, with the help of caring parents. Can teenagers correct their mistakes as well with the support of parents and teachers, of course they can!

The question for us as experienced adults is can we accept our responsibilities and be good role models, and take the time to help young and old in our daily lives? Of course we can!

If we as so-called responsible adults and Church going members can allow for time in reflecting on our own deeds, should not wait for others to do it while you sit on the sidelines and just offer criticism. Please be thankful for your blessings and share them with others!!!

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