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Request for VHS San Antonio Partners, LLC. Information, Claims, and Lawsuits:

Request for file information made by Daniel C. Martinez on March 13, 2015 – No. 16

Currently we have in our data base the following information;

Overview of VHS San Antonio Partners, LLC in San Antonio, TX

Nurse Wage Fixing Cases – An Update – Littler Mendelson…/nurse-wage-fixing-cases-an-update

VHS San Antonio Partners LLC d/b/a Southeast Baptist Meliso B. Garcia filed a medical negligence suit against Garcia’s Doctors

Southeast Medpro, LLC v. VHS San Antonio Partners, LLC

Martha G. Garcia, Judith Rocha, Rosalinda Gonzales, Sylvia Gonzales, Minerva Gonzales, Individually and as Beneficiaries of the Estate of Dalia Hernandez, Deceased


VHS Health Systems, Inc., dba Baptist Health System, Baptist Medical Center dba Northeast Baptist Hospital, and Flavio Alvarez, MD, Individually

Filed June 22, 2012 (Case File Available)

Settlement Agreement with Unite States of America thru the United States Department of Justice in behalf of Office of Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services Vs. Baptist Health System

Norma G. Rivera v. Vanguard Health Systems, Inc., and VHS San Antonio Partners, LLC, dba Baptist Health System, Baptist Medical Center, St. Luke’s Baptist Hospital, Southeast Baptist Hospital, Northeast Baptist Hospital, and North Central Baptist Hospital, Civil Action No. SA-08-CA-0919XR

The Civil Action alleges that the defendants filed false health claims with the United States under the Medicare program by failing to report the amounts the defendants received or expected to receive from third-party payers, or wrongfully withheld repayments from the United States after defendants received payments from third-party payers who were obligated to pay the bill.September 8, 2013 Settlement Amount $3,675,000.00 plus $291,145.15 to Relator, and plus Attorney Fees, expenses, and costs

(Case File Available upon request) 

*Robert L. Vasquez, deceased born on August 8, 1960 – December 18, 2014, Claim Pending against Baptist Health System.

*HIPPA Waiver Release Form Provided

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